read press coverage of the students leading this effort, as well as events and efforts to get climate action now in MInnesota. 



february 21, 2019

“They looked at me they said, ‘2045? Are you kidding? We have to do that by 2030. That’s what the science is telling us!’” 

Rep. Frank Hornstein, quoted in the Southwest Journal / Read Full Article


february 13, 2019

to save us from the climate crisis, we need a green new DEAL!

Chant at MN Can’t Wait rally for a Green New Deal, reported in City Pages / Read Full Article


february 13, 2019

The quicker we can get on it, the faster we can reverse the damage that’s been done to the climate.

MN Can’t Wait’s Tiger Worku, quoted in Mpls. St. Paul Magazine/ Read Full Article


FEBRUARY 11, 2019

If lawmakers don’t take action right now, the lawmakers in the future will suffer for it.

MN Can’t Wait’s Tiger Worku, quoted by KTTC-TV (Rochester, MN) / Read Full Article

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FEBRUARY 11, 2019

I am in MN Can’t Wait because this is mine and my generation's future at stake.

Anna Grace Hottinger, quoted in MN Can’t Wait Press Release / Read Full Press Release


january 18, 2019

why shouldn’t we start now? Why should we wait to do this?

MN Can’t Wait’s Lia Harel, interviewed for the Living On Earth on Public Radio International / Read Full Article


JANUARY 10, 2019

For the green new deal, I’m excited that some parts of it might get passed.

MN Cant Wait’s Sophia Manolis, quoted in Midwest Energy News / Read Full Article


january 10, 2019

the idea is we start doing what is necessary.

MN Can’t Wait’s Lia Harel, quoted in Grist / Read Full Article


January 10, 2019

i was going to ask, how can i get involved in the group?

Gov. Tim Walz’s daughter Hope Walz, quoted in Minnesota Public Radio News / Read Full Article


january 9, 2019

people distance climate change as something that affects the polar bears.

MN Can’t Wait’s Maddy Fernands, quoted in City Pages / Read Full Article

MCW Logo JPG.jpg

january 9, 2019

Minnesota can’t wait for climate action because we are running out of time.

Sophia Faacks, quoted in MN Can’t Wait Press Release / Read Full Press Release


october 27, 2018

I tell them to recognize that even as an individual, you have power.

MN Can’t Wait’s Shaza Hussein, quoted in the Star Tribune / Read Full Article 


october 10, 2018

we need our state and local governments to take bold actions to decarbonize our economies and our way of living.

MN Can’t Wait editorial in Star Tribune / Read Full Article


september 8, 2018

Climate change is a symptom of people not being taken care of. If we don't take care of people and of inequality, we will never solve this problem.

Sophia Benrud, Minneapolis, quoted in The Guardian / Read Full Article


September 7, 2018

we do have all of the technology to do it. It’s just that politicians get so caught up what’s politically possible that they don’t focus on what’s necessary.

Sophia Faacks, in theMille Lacs Messenger / Read Full Article


august 16, 2018

When it comes specifically to climate change, we don't have much say in the legislation, but we're the ones who will be burdened by the impacts.

Shaza Hussein, Rosemount, on MPR's Climate Cast / Read Full Article

Alina on KTTC.PNG

may 6, 2018

This is gonna be our problem in the future as well so it's better to learn about it now and get involved, then having to learn about it later on, and start doing change right now.

Alina Hyder, Rochester, on KTTC-TV / Read Full Article


April 23, 2018

We need to fight back on climate change. We need to task our local government officials to commit to change.

Vikas Prasad, Rochester, quoted in the Post Bulletin / Read Full Article


March 6, 2018

It’s super brave that the council believes we can do this as a city. It’s really awesome.

Katie Christiansen, St. Louis Park, quoted by The Energy News Network / Read Full Article


August 24, 2107

Seeing youth younger than I educating people is really something that empowers me.

Marco Hunt, Minneapolis, on Rewire / Watch Full Video


April 22, 2017

we’re doing something. we’re not just doing it for nothing.

Rachel Poppleton, St. Paul, quoted by Kare 11 / Read Full Article