Minnesota needs to act now

Minnesota can’t wait to take bold and necessary action to combat climate change. We, young people of Minnesota, are calling on our leaders to do what’s needed for our state to stop emitting greenhouse gases and be fossil fuel free within a decade. We want a transition to clean renewable energy that is equitable for all Minnesotans because the longer we delay, the more it threatens the health, safety, and happiness of our generation and all who follow.


Meet the Student Leaders

Climate change is already affecting us now, but the worst impacts will be felt by the next generation. Student leaders from across Minnesota are making a stand. Listen as they tell you why they are asking for action now. 

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 Image credit: Duncan Hull / Flickr

Image credit: Duncan Hull / Flickr

The Facts

We can no longer ignore reality. Climate change is all around us. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, increasingly damaging wildfires and changing ecosystems across the globe show us what the future will hold if we do nothing. 

We now have the highest levels of greenhouse gases in recorded history, and the last four years have seen the highest global temperatures on record. 

If Minnesota acts now, we can make a difference. If we do nothing, we are putting future generations at risk.     

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Join Our Team

Be on our team. Will your organization join the civic, religious, conservation and justice organizations backing these students' call for action on climate before it's too late? 

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The most recent data shows that Minnesota has only reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 4%, compared to 2004 levels. 


Greenhouse gas Reduction GOAL

Minnesota's Next Generation Energy Act, signed by Governor Pawlenty, commits Minnesota to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2025, compared to 2004 levels

Lia Harel is a senior at Hopkins High School who lives in Minnetonka. Here's why she's calling for climate action in Minnesota now.

Get Involved

Minnesota can't wait, so join the students asking for climate action now. Sign their petition to Minnesota elected officials and call Governor Dayton to let him know that he should take immediate climate action.



Join the students in asking for climate action in Minnesota now. When you're done, share the petition with your friends and family. 


attend an event

Join the students in Minnesota Can’t Wait and our partner organizations for events that call for climate action now and are getting people organized to get it done.


call Governor Dayton

Governor Mark Dayton can take bold action to address climate change right now. Click below to call him and deliver the message that Minnesota can't wait.